In Memory Donations

Celebrating the life of a cherished individual through hospice memorial donations is a beautiful gesture. These donations hold significant value, as they provide vital support for hospice care, bringing comfort and solace to those receiving end-of-life treatment.
Hospice memorial donations, regardless of their size, play a crucial role in enabling hospices to extend their care services to those in need. These contributions contribute towards funding essential hospice services, acquiring necessary equipment and supplies, facilitating staff training, and fostering ongoing research projects.
In addition to their impact on hospice care, memorial gifts offer a source of solace and healing for grieving families. By making donations in memory of a special someone, hospices can create personalized services like hospice memorial gardens and bereavement support groups. These compassionate initiatives offer much-needed comfort and support to families navigating the challenges of loss.

Jean “Guy” Audet
Charles Bastien
Evelyn Bednarz
Issaf Burkett
Herbert Campbell
John Campbell
Julie Clark
Fern Connor
Patricia Donoher
Glenn Dufty
Barbara ‘Joan’ Dutrisac
Leslie “Les” Forrester
Jack Hird
Bev House
Margaret House
Anita Karls
Sandra “Gail” La Berge
Richard Laverdiere
Bill Lloyd
Jeffery Minter
Brian Mullins
Gary Peddle
Irene Prince
Tjitte Reitsma
Pauline Spencer
Marcia Stephen
Kathy Whitall


Gilbert Robert James “Bob” Allen
Neil James Anthony
John Bayford
Carolyn Bell
Athala “Tilli” Bennett
Jeff Bergman
Walter Bunn
Viola Camick
Robert “Bob” Doan
Michael Gervais
Paul “Douglas” Gibbons
Rosemary Golding
Alan Greenway
Frank Hall
Robert “Bob” Hobbs
Murray Hooper
Lorne “Hutch” Hutchinson
Philip Jackman
Mervil James
Michael Jones
Norman Langman
Jeffery Lawrence
Cecil “Braden” Litster
John “Jack” Lovatt
Michael MacIntyre
June MacIsaac
Ronald Mcarthur
Cheryl McLean
Virgina “Jenny” McMillan
Roger Melanson
Carol Miller
Mary “Connie” Mitchell
Gladys Mowry
Mary Mulholland
Kelly Pearson
Jean Perryman
Paolina “Paula” Quartarone
Giovanni Reda
William “Bill” Reford
Jennifer Robertson
Edward “Teddy” Rodd
Louis Sedore
Harry Severin
Mark Shaaraim
Gertrude “Trudy” Sloan
Virginia Sturge
Lois Elizabeth Sweetland
Delbert Thompson
David Titcombe
Mark Trollope
Joseph Van den broek
Anna Whitfield
James “Jim” Wood

2021 and Previous

Edson “Ed” Andrus
Joan Annesley
Brian Barlow
David Barr
Theresa Bell
John “Jack” Carbert
David Carnell
Angela Carnovale
Michele “Mike” Carpino
Bonnie Carruthers
Alma Clark
Anne Cranney
Martha Currie
Richard Davey
Marilyn Davidson
Roy Dixon
Barbara “Joan” Dutrisac
Susan Flemming
Percy Griffin
Joan Hollands
Alfred Horn
Linda Howell
Patricia “Pat” Ingram
William “Bill” Jamieson
Janine Jeanveau
Everett Johnstone
George Jones
Deirdre Jones
Karen Kahle
George Kerr
Esther “Alvera” Lawrence
Randy Linn
David Llewellyn
Cheryl Long
Alan Malloch
Berit McArthur
Isabel “Elaine” Miller
Ruth Morris
Emma Morrison
Paul Morton
Elizabeth Mueller
Betty Murdoch
Beverley Navarra
Gord Newman
George Page
Patricia Paterson
Jeff Peacock
Dale Porochnavy
John Price
William “Bill” Redford
Ardeshir Rowhani
Harold “Bob” Savidant
Hazel Sheppard
Sylvia Sikorski
Dr. Lynne Sinclair
Winnifred Sproule
Gordon Stephen
Linda Stuart
Timothy “Tim” Teer
Ivan Valdal
Sandra Walker
William “Bill” Wilson
Vern Winterton
Sandra Wunschirs