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Hike for Hospice 2023

Thanks to YOU, We’ve passed our goal of $50,000!
We couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of our community. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who made sure this event could happen! Thank you to all of our sponsors, and thank you to you, for commenting, sharing, donating, and liking our posts, along with everyone that came out to the Hike! We wouldn’t be able to serve our amazingly supportive community without you all.

Our team is pleased to share a visual 2022 “year in review” to highlight the impact that Mariposa House Hospice is making in our community. Since opening our doors in February 2021, we have cared for 222 individuals while welcoming and supporting their family and friends.

The services we provide are offered at no charge to those receiving care, which is made possible by the ongoing generosity of local donors, businesses, and volunteers.
Thank you for believing in the “magic” of hospice care, and for being part of the Mariposa House Hospice community!

120 Residents & more than 600 loved ones cared for
In 2022, we welcomed 120 individuals to the hospice for end-of-life palliative care, and we estimate that at least 5 family members and friends came to the hospice to visit each resident. The specialized care offered in this peaceful, homelike space can make a difficult experience more bearable.

We also know that the experience of having a loved one stay at hospice can have a positive impact even on family members who are far away – it helps people to feel more at peace knowing the person who died was well cared for in a safe, comfortable setting.

“I have a newfound appreciation and great love for EVERYTHING you do. My heart is so full. I couldn’t imagine a more loving, comforting environment for my sister to make her transition. With all my heart, thank you for all that you did for my sister, and for all of us to experience this with her. It is a remarkable gift that keeps on giving. You reach so many people, not just those who are residents.”

1459 Days of Hospice Care Provided
Each day of hospice care that we provide diverts people from the hospital, which may not be the most appropriate setting for care. We offer an alternate setting when individuals can no longer safely be at home but may not require acute care services in hospital. This leads to significant savings for the health care system.

Our setting is smaller, with a maximum of 5 residents at a time, and it is designed to be more “home like” allowing family and friends the opportunity to stay overnight and spend time in our comfortable living room, kitchen area and garden.

For each day of hospice care, we fundraise approximately $450 to cover our operating costs.

10 Days is the Average Length of Stay
Most individuals who stay at the hospice for end-of-life palliative care are with us for 1-2 weeks. Some residents are with us for 1-2 months, and some for only a few hours. No matter how long they stay, there are two things that everyone has in common:
First, the resident receives expert symptom management and care from our staff and volunteers which helps to ensure a peaceful transition.
Second, the family and friends can step back from the caregiving role allowing them to “just be” with their loved one in those final days and hours.

“We could ask for no better care than what she received and in such a warm environment. You took the burden off of us, the family, without the guilt that might have been felt by us had she ended her days in a different place. You made us all feel welcome and at home.”

3000+ Volunteer Hours
Volunteers are part of the fabric of our organization, offering their time and talents to make an impact in our community. Hospice care would not be possible without the time and energy of more than 50 devoted volunteers in various roles. This includes Board members, Fundraising and Events, Office/Admin and Technology, Hospitality (Reception, Kitchen, Music, Reflexology), Gardening, Maintenance, and more. Thank you to each volunteer for their contribution to Mariposa House Hospice!

“I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Mariposa Hospice team! The nurses and support staff that I have met while volunteering are absolutely amazing. The care they give to the patients and their families is second to none!”

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