Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Mariposa House Hospice. Volunteers are integral members of the hospice team who support our organization in a variety of ways. All volunteer applicants are carefully screened and, if selected as a candidate, must complete a training program that aligns with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario standards.

As a new residential hospice with a very small staff team, we are only able to bring on a select number of volunteers at a time, based on the needs of the hospice. Please know that we appreciate your interest and, if you are not selected for a volunteer position at this time, we will keep your application on file and circle back when we are ready to bring more volunteers onto the team.

We strive to truly engage volunteers and ensure that your time is wisely spent in a way that is a good fit for both you and the hospice.

We have two main categories of volunteers:

  • In House Volunteers (full training program is required) – including Reception and Kitchen (trained volunteers may opt to be added to a call list for resident and family support)
  • Organizational Support Volunteers (condensed orientation) – including Fundraising/Events, Gardening, Maintenance, Board of Directors, Admin Support, and Ambassadors

More details regarding the volunteer categories and required training are provided below.

In House Volunteers / Full Training Program

All volunteers that are involved in the day-to-day operation of the house (Kitchen, Reception) must complete the full training program because they are likely to have frequent interactions with residents and family/friends. If you are volunteering inside the hospice house, you will have to deal with sensitive subject matter and we want to provide you with as many resources as possible to make sure you feel prepared for your volunteer role. Completing the full training program also allows volunteers to move to another role without further training.
Our full training program for “In House Volunteers” includes 8 hours of in class/facilitated learning combined with 15-20 hours of online learning through the HPCO (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario) Hospice Volunteer Curriculum.

Organizational Support Volunteers / Condensed training

Volunteers who are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the hospice house must complete a condensed orientation which includes a 1-hour session offered several times a year. These volunteer roles are essential to our success and include roles such as Fundraising/Events, Gardening, Maintenance, Board of Directors, Admin Support, and Ambassadors (Community Awareness).

Things to consider before applying

Before applying to become an In-House Volunteer at Mariposa House Hospice, we ask that you review the full list of self-screening questions on the application form below. Here are a few of the questions that you should consider before applying:

  • Have you experienced a close loss within the last year? Please note that the hospice team will likely recommend that you wait at least one year after a major loss before taking on the commitment of an In- House Volunteer role.

  • Are you able to complete approximately 30 hours of training? The training program for “In House Volunteers” is a combination of in- person/facilitated and independent online learning.

  • Due to the robust nature of our screening and training process, we ask that each In-House Volunteer commit to a minimum of 1 year with us. Are you able to make that commitment?

If you have any questions about the self-screening questions or the other qualifications listed below, please don’t hesitate to reach out


  • Minimum of 18 years of age, unless otherwise discussed with Executive Director

  • Commitment to providing patient and family centered care

  • Empathetic, flexible, understanding and a good listener

  • Completion of screening and training requirements

  • Able to meet time commitment for a minimum of one year

  • Aware of risks (outlined on the description of each volunteer role)


  • Interview

  • Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening

  • Two personal references (not family members)


  • HFe-requisite: Completion of screening process

  • Completion of the hospice training course or condensed orientation, and a commitment to further education as available.

  • Post-training check in and orientation to role

  • For kitchen volunteers: completion of Safe Food Handling course


  • Minimum one year service

  • 4 hours a week (some roles have designated shifts)

  • Casual volunteers may fill in shifts as needed.


The Process

There are 7 key steps to becoming a volunteer for Mariposa House Hospice consists of the following:

  1. Consider: Review the information package and think about what role you are interested in, and what skills/experience/personal attributes you are able to contribute. Review the self-screening questions above (or on the application form below) and carefully consider
    whether to take the step of applying. Is this the right type of volunteering for you? Is now
    the right time for you to make a commitment?
  2. Apply: Submit an application using the form below. This includes a confirmation that you
    have read the self-screening questions and carefully considered taking this step.
  3. Interview: If selected, participate in an interview with the administrative team about what
    makes you a good fit for hospice volunteering, and the current opportunities available.
  4. Provide references: The hospice admin team will follow up with your references directly
  5. Request a Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening: The hospice admin
    team will provide a letter to you that you can use to request a police record check.
  6. Complete training program: You will be signed up to complete the in-person/facilitated
    sessions and the online learning modules
  7. Attend post-training check in: This allows an opportunity to reflect on the training
    program, and determine whether you and the hospice admin team both agree that it’s a good fit for you to move forward with volunteering. This is also when you would sign confidentiality agreement and code of conduct, and receive a more specific orientation to the role you have been selected for.

To start the process of becoming a volunteer, please complete the form below and click “submit”. A hospice representative will be in touch by phone or email within 2-3 business days.

  • Type of volunteer work you are interested in

  • (note: each person volunteering inside the hospice house must complete the full training program)
  • 0 of 500 max characters
  • Please carefully consider the self-screening points below prior to submitting this application form. This is mandatory for anyone applying for an In House Volunteer role (Kitchen, Reception, Family/Resident Support). It is optional (but recommended) for Organizational Support Volunteers.

    • I am willing to commit myself to the training program (approximately 30 hours) and the responsibilities for my chosen volunteer role and to gaining an understanding of the policy and procedures of the hospice.
    • I am willing to commit to volunteering for hospice for at least one year
    • I am not bringing my personal agenda or mission to the hospice volunteer role and I understand that volunteering in hospice is not about changing people, but to be with them and meet them where they are.
    • Becoming a hospice volunteer requires the ability to take on a rigorous training program which may intensify my own grief. If I have experienced a significant personal loss within the past year, one which I am still actively grieving, the hospice may determine that it is best for me to wait at least a year before taking on a volunteer role with hospice. Personal loss can include the death of a loved one, job loss, significant health changes or the end of a significant relationship.
    • I have an interest in the hospice philosophy of care and some awareness of what is drawing me to hospice volunteering. I am willing to explore this in depth.
    • I am sensitive to the special needs of those who are dying and their family/friends and am willing to learn more about how best to support them.
    • I am aware of the losses I have experienced, and my own personal way of grieving, and have a sense of perspective about life and death, loss and grief.
    • I am open to others who may have different values, beliefs and ways of living. I am able to listen well, and to validate others where they are, rather than where I believe they should be.
    • I recognize that self-reliance, flexibility and adaptability are assets. I may be called on to work in a variety of areas and perform many different tasks. Realistic awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to set limits, are important.
    • I like working as part of a team and am willing to explore ways of supporting and being supported by other team members. I am dedicated to my own growth and on-going learning. My personal strengths will likely include warmth, concern for people, sense of humour, approachability, flexibility and an understanding of healthy boundaries
    • I have a strong support team away from Mariposa House Hospice. Volunteering at hospice can be stressful at times so it is important that I have good support and ways of taking care of myself, so that I can successfully deal with change and the unexpected.