There are so many ways you can get involved and support the work of Mariposa House Hospice!

1. Volunteer – click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities including:

2. Donate – click here to learn more about donation opportunities including:

The Butterfly Club

– our annual operating budget is partially covered by government funding (about 50%) and we rely on contributions from our community for the rest. By becoming a monthly donor, you can “join the club” and help to ensure our sustainability.

Donate online

– you can donate online anytime. You can choose to make a monthly donation (see Butterfly Club) or a one-time donation. You can also choose to make your donation “In Honour Of” or “In Memory Of” a special person. Once your donation is complete, you can send an “E card” to let that special person (or their family members) know that you’re thinking of them.

Stock transfers

– A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give charitably. With a donation of securities or mutual funds, capital gains tax does not apply, allowing you to give more and avoid paying capital gains taxes.Click here to learn more. If you wish to donate publicly traded shares to Mariposa House Hospice, please completethis document, and return to your personal broker who should process the request and forward it on to John Mayo at BMO Nesbitt Burns Orillia.

Sponsor a Wish List Item

Participate in our online “housewarming” event! Members of our community can help ensure that we have all the items on our “Wish List” to help make the residential hospice as home-like as possible. Click here (PDF in progress) to see our current Wish List. It is updated every Friday to show what has already been sponsored, and what we still need. New items will be added as new needs are identified.
Admin note: Need to add “Wish List” to donation page. Then the person will donate that amount using the donate online button and specify what the donation is for.

1. Create your own fundraiser!

– if you have a great idea for a fundraiser, you can host one yourself and we will support you and cheer you on! Before you get started, pleaseuse this form submit an outline of your idea so that we know what you’re thinking and we can let you know how much support we can provide.

2. Participate in our upcoming events

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3. Engage with us on social media