Butterfly Club

Join Butterfly Club and help establish sustainable funding to secure the future of Mariposa House Hospice and its continued ability to provide exceptional end-of-life palliative care to members of the community.



Loss touches us all and many people in our community will inevitably find a personal connection to Mariposa House
Hospice where the end of life’s journey is met with dignity, respect and peace.


The butterfly is a spiritual symbol of beauty, peace and hope and whose transformative journey from life to death in many ways mirrors our own.

Butterfly Donations at Work

$300/ year
$50/ month
Weekly grocery expenses to provide healthy meal options for residents and visitor refreshments. Daily cost of care for one resident. Monthly cost to provide education and support to valued staff and volunteers. Annual supply of medical and personal care items for one of our resident suites. Contribute to the annual costs of Hydro and other utilities essential to keep the hospice residence operating 24/7.