Mariposa House Hospice

Mariposa House Hospice is coming to Orillia!

Plans are laid for a 5-bed residential hospice home in downtown Orillia to provide end of life care in our own community. These are the first 5 hospice beds in Orillia's history. Our community has been in need of a residential hospice for at least a decade.

Despite the government funding, we still need to raise 50% of our operational funding on an annual basis - which is close to $400,000 annually. We need your energy and support to volunteer and fundraise to meet this goal so we can successfully operate Mariposa House Hospice.

If you would like to volunteer please do not hesitate to email us.

Board of Directors

Capital Campaign Team


If you would like to make a donation please contact Sue Morris at Carson Funeral Homes (705-326-3595).

If you wish to donate publicly traded shares please complete the following document, and return to your personal broker who should process the request and forward it on to John Mayo at BMO Nesbitt Burns Orillia.



Tree of Angels - sponsored by Kristopher Orchard, supported by Bob Wilsey and Brenda Stanley. The tree will be located at Mariposa Market, and angels will be for sale.

Christmas Planters - available for ordering on Kristopher Orchard’s website, portion of the sales comes to Mariposa House Hospice

Eastern Star has decided that their fund raiser for this year will go to Mariposa House Hospice.

Somniatis, through Ruth Germain will donate one show’s receipts to Mariposa House Hospice in the spring of 2018.